Love and Tenderness

A Bilingual Typeface

My Arabic-speaking friends and I often text in the Arabic language using the Latin alphabet.

The word "mako" in the latin alphabet is a transliteration of the Arabic word (and pronounciation) of ماكو.

But of course, the actual arabic word looks like this:

I chose to create a Gothic script because of its constant adaptation to different cultures. We know it originates to Western Europe in the 12th century. Nazi Germany (surprisingly) loved and explicitly used a single variety of blackletter. The New York Times logo is an iconic use of blackletter. In the 80's, a gothic subculture magazine titled Propoganda based in Long Island adopted the Gothic script.

Gang culture carried on the tradition. Tattoo culture carried on the tradition. Snoop Dogg's Rythm&Gangsta album uses a somewhat stylized version. A$AP Rocky pioneered the street goth aesthetic, and Kanye West popularized it with THE LIFE OF PABLO. It was only a matter of time before the fashion world oversaturated itself with Gothic script and aestheticized it for profit. However, Gothic script managed to make its way through so many different cultures. It's the perfect vessel to visualize Arabic texting among bilingual youth.